Author Topic: Green with silver overlay vase... = 1950s Italian (Venice)  (Read 4071 times)

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Re: Green with silver overlay vase... = 1950s Italian (Venice)
« Reply #10 on: May 07, 2010, 01:27:04 AM »
Rose, thank you! that looks like the folks!   :hiclp:

Kev, I meant kingfisher blue as in the colour of the bird, not as in used by a certain London glassworks.  :-[  (Incidentally, Caithness also had a blue colour called kingfisher - I have a vase example somewhere.)  Anyhow, I digress: yes mine's a similar shape as yours but not the same blue...  I'll dig out the camera and add a pic...  can do that whilst listening to the election results on the radio. :)

Edited to add pics of the new one plus a comparative pic of a green one to show the colour difference. The green is very much an Empoli/emerald green. I've managed to lose the label pic so I'll have to re-do that one. ::)


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