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Vaseline and wine


This particular item has to me such an intriguing color combo.

I call it vaseline and wine. The main body is a yellow green that glows under the blacklight and the strip around the rim is a nice wine color. The undulating curves of the piece really adds to it IMHO. Other than describing it, I haven't a clue. Any help Terry

Laura Friedman:
Hi Terry,

Groovy bowl!

I've had very similar "biomorphic" items, in the exact same color combination, but never been able to find out who made them. I would think that they are circa 1950s - '60s Murano glass, but beyond that is anyone's guess.


Hi Terry,
I saw similar bowl in Blue and White with a Salviati label about 2 years ago. I remember it because of the unusual shape. That would be my guess for yours.

Thank you, great guess. I do love the shape. Terry


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