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Thick Clear Glass with Slight Swirls (??) - ID = Made in China

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Hi, I have these - Two of them.

They are VERY heavy these little suckers -- Honest.  The are very thick, and have slight swirls in them.  The base is polished with some wear.  Size is about 4.25 inches wide at the top, and about 2.50 high.  Anyone have any ideas....they look like they were made very well ..... Murano ?? or not ?? I am not sure.  Help, and Thanks.   ;)

Cathy B:
Hi Rose,
This one's Chinese and relatively recent. Still, quite an attractive piece for a tea light in the bathroom.

Hi there -- Oh NO!!  Chinese Again...

I too have to say they are quite impressive as they weigh a little ton, and the swirls and the base are done quite well (I think).  yes, still would be nice somewhere in your house....but I will most likley say *Bye* to them.  They did not cost that (only $8) so no big lose I guess....

You Hit some (Fat lava glass), you lose some (this)..... :24:

Definitely Chinese. Saw one in a charity shop here a few months back with the safety warning label still attached to the bottom. They are quite a nice little bowl.

Cathy B:
:) Kane, the link has pics of mine, which I bought new and boxed. The design name is "Scania", made in China, but no manufacturer was mentioned. :)

Rose, don't worry - your eye is definitely improving!


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