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Thick Clear Glass with Slight Swirls (??) - ID = Made in China

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They even came boxed! The one I saw I assumed was sold at a '2 dollar shop'. It had a safety label on the bottom to keep away from flammable materials etc and to not leave unattended. Perfect size for a tea light candle. Was going to buy it to put in the bathroom but decided not to as I prefer the chunky scented candles LOL. The one I saw was probably an sold as an unboxed one and most likely sold with a tea light candle. Still a lovely bowl with some nice weight to it.


--- Quote from: kane_u_pain on May 13, 2010, 09:46:23 AM ---...............Still a lovely bowl with some nice weight to it.

--- End quote ---

I too have to say for *Chinese* they are quite a nice bowl.....but at least I never paid much for them -- so not lost cause....LOL

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