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3 iittala Ultima Thule glasses : all different



Yes they are different sizes
and yes they are differently tinted
yes the pattern is smaller and more dense on the smallest one.

The pattern on the largest is more regular than the other 2.
This one also has differences underneath - there are fewer long stalagtite feet - only 3 (the rest just form the surface) unlike the other 2 which have several longer stalagtites.

The largest one also exhibits the greatest difference in tint.

Were these copied ?
Could the big one be a "fake" ? :shock:
Or just older ?
What about the differences between the other 2 ?  :roll:

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tumblers exist in cocktail 16cl 70mm, tumbler 20cl 88mm, on-the-rocks 28cl 88mm - you may have one of each of these.

different wall thickness might result in a different colour but on principle these should be the same high quality crystal. If you find a yellowish one with unfinished edges - throw it out.

Thanks Ivo

My middle sized one (left) is 88mm high and 28cl (as near as I can measure) . I was fairly sure of that one because it has the remains of an iittala label on it. So that is my standard and is the on-the-rocks.

My smallest one (front) is 20cl but 3mm shorter according to my tape measure - acceptable difference ?

My largest (right) is the one with most differences. It is very very very slightly yellowish - a fact you can only notice when next to the others. There's no discernable color on its own on white paper. It has NO unfinished edges and it has a lower (understandably) but still clear tone when dinged.
BUT it doesn't conform to the measurements you gave. :roll:  
Height:  100mm
Capacity : 33-35cl

To me they all look like the genuine Ultima Thule.   I am interested to know where do the differences in clear glass colours come from.  I have two Tapio Wirkkala Lunar bowls and the one is more greyish (or is it called flint) colour and the other is yellowish - less attractive colour really.  But both are signed (the seller of the last one didn't even know it was signed as the signature is on the side of the bowl) and certainly genuine.

Well, just adding that the tallest one that you are questioning looks like it has thinner bottom?  Is that the case?  I just looked at the Replacements Ltd web site and they did not have anything 10cm tall - which doesn't prove though those won't exist.


Thank you TMaritta
Very interesting !
The base on the larger is not noticably thinner.
The weight of it is slightly heavier, as would be expected.

The diameter of the medium size (which we know is iittala) and the larger one is EXACTLY the same. !

Thank you for your story. It seem to lend credence to the idea that small show differences can occur in the same pattern over time.

Sue and Max noticed small differences in Riihimaki production vases.


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