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Three Graces


This is done with tongue in cheek

The middle one has a lable, a gondola with Hand made Venetian made in Italy. Love the color combo. Terry

These 3 look great together Terry !
I also love this color combo - one of my favorites.
However normally I'm not a fan of this shape- type but seeing these 3 together somehow gives each one new meaning.

this tableux emphasises the plasticity of the once molten glass and suggests a relationship between the three beyond color and basic construction. Like siblings ....similar but not the same.

I had myself convinced at one time that this shape-type was Czech until I saw one online with a Gondola label like yours (I think....i'll check).

It still bugs me why it says Italy and not Murano ....
Of course the Goldola suggests .......but maybe I'm just being too suspicious.


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