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Could you tell me about this paperweight?


This old piece is 2 3/4" high and weighs 1 3/4 pounds.
Please see pictures at

Hi, I'm sorry nobody else has commented on your weight, so you get little old me  :oops:  :roll:

It has a look to me of either a Hyderobad or Bohemian.  Sorry I'm not expert enough to be more precise than that    :?

I would agree with Leni's view. But weights like this are often hard to pin down to a maker or even a region as lots were made in various countries. I wonder if it could conceivably be an older American (mid-west?) piece, but that is certainly an area I have little knowledge of.

I would like to see a couple of other pics, though:
- a full side view (not angled in any way)
- a base view, at a slight angle to highlight whatever finishing can be seen


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