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Vizner CD (split from Re: Czech geometrical vase in blueish pink, any more info?)


Jindrich, thank you so much again, your help is invaluable.

I'm really starting to like the modernist feel of this period of Czech glass, and I've already ordered a few more.

PS - Could you contact me about how to order the CD on Vizner (and have you any more CDs I could buy)? My czech isn't good enough I'm afraid. This doesn't belong in the thread, but I noticed I can't email you directly.

Hi Astrid,
my Vizner's Sklo Union CD is at UK eBay, just search "Vizner" and you will find it. 
For other details write me please through my web, I do not want to load this board with commercial promotions.


I've put in a bid at, let me know how I can pay you through Paypal.



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