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LIULIGONGFANG: this is Chinese art glass

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I can hardly tell you all how excited I am.   :D  :D  :D  :D

This arrived today, it's from Liuligongfang, Chinas only contemporary studio devoted to artistic Chinese glassware.  Their speciality is pate-de-crystal.

It's breathtaking.  It measures 8" long x 4.5" high, and it's so heavy you can only lift it using two hands.  It arrived in a fabulous hard box, decorated in a Chinese style which was gorgeous too.  It's signature reveals it's number 16 of 160 made.  It comes with credentials signed by Loretta Yang and Chang Yi. 

It has a highly detailed impressed temple (Buddhist?) to the underside (see pics) and crisp relief moulding to the steps of the pyramid sides.  It's 24% lead crystal.

Luiligongfang work is in the Taiwan museum and also the Beijing Palace Museum.

I've put these photos in Annes Gallery, but I've put them in the 'Glass Queries' by mistake...I was over excited!  Sorry Anne!

Here it is....WOW!

Very, very cool Max!

Is it meant to sit on a lighted display so the light reflects up the center well?


--- Quote from: grayhorse ---Very, very cool Max!

Is it meant to sit on a lighted display so the light reflects up the center well?
--- End quote ---

I did wonder that Connie, but it seems to highlight the impressed temple on its own, something about the way the light hits it.   :D  I might write and ask them.

I think this may be the studio called "New Workshop"which was founded by Heinrich Wang in 1988. Six years later he founded Grand Crystal Co. (Taiwan) which makes the most stunning glass in Pate-de-verre and lost wax.
I've seen their full display and was very very impressed.

Thanks Ivo. The booklet says Liuligongfang was established in 1987.  I can't find anything about 'New Workshop', I have a look around their site.  :D

Apparently it's in the V&A too, probably in a box with lots of other glass.  :evil:


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