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LIULIGONGFANG: this is Chinese art glass

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Liuligongfang is chinese for Glass Factory.
My cousin took us to a restaurant in Shanghai that is owned by Mr Wang, I think, and decorated all over with their glass.

Also saw quite a bit of it in Hong Kong in a most beautiful gallery, although I can't remember the name.

As with anything, there are pieces that one loves and others that perhaps are not so breathtaking, but overall this is a most outstanding factory.

Well done. Max! I've been waiting to see if anyone found this, in respect of the previous debate about Chinese glass!


Thanks for that link seems you were right, as usual!  :D  That link is a fascinating account of triumph over adversity - it's amazing really that they managed to keep going, isn't it?

This particular piece is called 'Without Boundaries', I'm not sure if it's terribly valuable, but it is to me anyway.  I love huge lumps of glass.   :D  

Adam, I'm very glad to have been able to show it on the boards.  The restaurant you saw in Hong Kong sounds fabulous.  Wish I could have seen it.    xx

I had an email from Liuligongfang - they sent me some details about 'Without Boundaries'.

Most of it was what I knew already from the enclosed booklets...but they gave the price too.  I know we don't usually use prices, but I'm going to anyway.   :wink:  :shock:


 :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :D  :D

I would faint, but I'm sitting down luckily.   :lol:


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