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An unusual 'dime a dozen' weight

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OK here I go again  :roll:  

First of all can I say I know this is probably just another Chinese 'dime a dozen' weight, so if you don't like it, fine!  I'm not posting it here to ask you to admire it, just for some help with the ID, and any information possible about the techniques involved in making it.  So if you hold it in complete contempt, that's OK by me, I just don't need to know!   :twisted: Thanks   :wink:

Well, it's a bit different from anything I've seen before, (but no doubt someone will recognise it :roll: :lol:  )

The 'petals' appear to have been folded in an interesting technique, which is driving me mad because I can't quite visualise how it's done! Any glassmakers care to enlighten me? :?

And the base is different, too, from any of the other standard crimp flower weights I have

So, is it Chinese?  If so, it's a completely different style to any of my other 'DaD's  :shock:

Or could it be Indian?  Or Bohemian?  Or something else, altogether? (one, two, three "Or something else"!  Thank you, folks   :lol:  :wink: )

It's nasty, dirty got bits in it, cheap, taccy and I LOVE IT. It's the very essence of collecting. Where it's from haven't got a clue but it's fun.


--- Quote from: "chuggy" ---It's nasty, dirty got bits in it, cheap, taccy
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---and I LOVE IT
--- End quote ---

And I love YOU, Chuggy!



the colour of the stem looks like the Chinese green i have in most of mine


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