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Borske Sklo cased red vase with cut and enamelled designs... good price?

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Anik R:

I know and understand that members of the board do not provide estimates, but I've got a question...  (please no one yell at me  :-\)

In Mark Hill's "Hi Sklo Lo Sklo" on page 22 there is a Borske Sklo cased red bottle vase with cut and enamelled designs. I've seen a similar vase, only a few cm shorter and more 'vase-y' than 'bottle-y' for about 50 euro (in lovely condition).  Is that a good price?

Thank you and I'm sorry if my question seems out of place  :spls:

If I remember right a certain person valued one similar on a tv prog not long ago and I'm sure he said £2000! maybe some one else has a better memory than me,

Anik R:
WHAT????  :o  :o  :o

Before you rush out and buy it wait and see if I got it right,my record for mistakes is becoming legendary ;D :24:

Anik R:
OK...  I really appreciate your reply  :)


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