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Alfredo Barbini Vaso Biennale Signed - 60s/70s for sale
« on: May 26, 2010, 11:28:00 AM »
Alfredo Barbini Vaso Biennale Signed from 60s/70s in Red/Clear.  April 2010 valuation by Pauly & Co, Venice, Italy of 9-10,000EUR (11,000-12,300USD).

Offers invited.

Dimensions: 24.5 x 17 x 7cm

Alfredo Barbini
A glass artist born in 1912 on the islands of Murano in the lagoon of Venice, Italy, was one of Murano's leading figures of the twentieth century. His parents were members of families which had been prominent in the glassmaking industry on Murano for generations as glassblowers and beadmakers.

Barbini began his long career in 1925 at the age of 13, working in the S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso factory. In 1929 he joined Cristalleria di Venezia e Murano as a master glassblower. He left that firm in 1932 for employment with a glass workshop in Milan, but returned to Murano to work first at the newly-formed Zecchin & Martinuzzi firm and then with Seguso Vetri d'Arte. From 1936 to 1944 he was a partner and master glassblower at Societa Anonima Vetri Artistici Murano, known as S.A.V.A.M.

Following World War II Barbini worked as master glassblower and designer successively with Archimede Seguso and Napoleone Martinuzzi, then became a partner with Vetreria Vistosi and, later, Gino Cenedese. With financial assistance from the firm of Salviati & C., for whom he produced products, he formed in 1950 his own glass firm, Vetreria Alfredo Barbini (reorganized in 1983 as Alfredo Barbini Srl). His firm exhibited his work at the Venice Biennales from 1950 to 1968.

Vaso from same range exibitied at Museum of Modern Art - New York

Barbini Glass
- The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning - New York
- Los Angeles County Museum
- Musee des Arts Decoratifs - Paris
- Museum Haaretz - Tel Aviv
- Victoria & Albert Museum - London
- The Royal Scottish Museum - Edinburgh
- The Denver Art Museum
- Kunstindustrimuseet - Oslo
- Stadtgalerie - Oberhausen
- Kinstmuseum - Dusseldolf
- Kinstammlungen, Veste - Coburg
- Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Ca' Pesaro - Venezia
- Museo Vetario - Murano
- MoMA - Museum of Modern Art - New York


There are a few minor scratches on the base (near the signature) due to display of the vase, otherwise in perfect condition.

Sale to be escrowed by Certified Accountant, international insured shipment via courier.

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Re: Alfredo Barbini Vaso Biennale Signed - 60s/70s for sale
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2010, 04:08:22 PM »
Just to say that this is really aa wonderful piece. A piece of art glass history imho  :clap:

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Re: Alfredo Barbini Vaso Biennale Signed - 60s/70s for sale
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2010, 03:31:26 PM »
I have just received a valuation from Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers ( at 3-4,000GBP for auction and 10-11,000GBP for a gallery sale.

As above I  also received a valuation from Pauly & Co, Venice, Italy ( for 9-10,000EUR for a gallery sale.

I would be looking to sell the vase for ***2,500GBP*** as I wish to invest in a new business and would prefer not to wait for the Bonhams auction in November.

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Re: Alfredo Barbini Vaso Biennale Signed - 60s/70s for sale
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2010, 05:51:09 PM »
Just as an update, I have been offered 2,250USD for the vase from a dealer which I need to decide on by Monday 21st June.  If anyone is willing to offer 2,500USD plus shipping (approx 100USD) then please let me know.  Bonhams in the UK have valued it at 4,500-6,000USD at auction however I am unable to wait until November for their auction.



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