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Odd 11.5" bottle with Mdina / Phoenician colours? - ID Mtarfa

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Ok, I'm flummoxed.   :thup:

I've got this fairly heavy bottle, in quite a rudimentary shape, which is tall at 11.5" high.  The top rim and base are ground but not polished, and the base shows signs of wear.  The colours say Mdina or Phoenician to what is this?  Is it a half finished possible lamp base?  

Any ideas?   :huh: :)


Getting there, Max, Mtarfa. I have a small collection of this design - I'd originally mistaken it for Mdina back in 2000, I suspect it might be quite early Mtarfa, as so many of the shapes are quite "Mdina-based", and Mtarfa took off in it's own artistic direction soon after it got going, (which was in 1981) as far as I can make out.
This looks like it was a big bit!

I'm never sure when I see the rough ground neck of something like that whether it came from the maker like that, or met with an accident and got ground down a bit. I've seen a few bits of Mdina like that - but at times when it wasn't popular enough to bother going to that sort of trouble over, not for selling in the secondary market. :spls:

Cheers Sue  :-*

Mtarfa it is then if you think that.  :D  It certainly IS a big lump and I'm quite minded to make it into a lamp base myself.  Incidentally, there's a sharp scratch that goes all the way round near the middle, which is within an indentation...about 5.5" up.  Makes me think it was almost a much shorter vase! 

Thanks again Sue xx

I think, given the weird ground top, that a lamp base would be an admirable thing to do with this - light will really bring out the different effects in the colours!
Here are images of my small collection. Sometimes that deep blue is in them, sometimes it's missing.
But I do have some of each colourway which is marked Mtarfa.

and the stuff with blue in it;

and my snail, it's *wonderful* I love it.

this next image contains a small bottle, (at the bottom) which I
originally thought belonged to Mtarfa, and this colourway, but it's
not. It's Phoenecian. Note the "lemon juicer" base - not that it would
be an efficient one)

Cheers Sue, that's definitely confirmed it...definitely Mtarfa.  Hey,I love your snail too...isn't his stripey head sweet?  Blessim!    :D

I will try and find a lamp fitting for my bottle.  It seems a shame to stick it in the Shed of  I do really like it, I think because it simply must be a reject - it's so badly mad, with lumps, bumps and that sharp score round the middle - but then the actual colours are so beautiful.  It's framing a Da Vinci with corrugated iron.   :24:

Thanks again Sue, it was lovely to see some of your glass.  I prefer the Mtarfa stuff WITH the blue in your collection, so I'm glad my ugly-bottle contains that. 

xxx mwah!  xxx


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