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Odd 11.5" bottle with Mdina / Phoenician colours? - ID Mtarfa

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I prefer it with that electric sort of blue in it too! And I quite agree about the incongruity between the stunning colours and odd construction - however, they have to been seen in reality, because photos simply never "do" the different sorts of effects you get.
The snail is not photogenic either.

Recent evidence has turned up which proves the lemon-squeezer base IS Mtarfa after all.
It's not Phoenician at all. I was confused by the colours, which are (very) unusual for Mtarfa, the bright yellow in particular.

That will be this bunny now residing north of the Tay


I should have credited you with the discovery and your subsequent generous donation to me Christine,  :smg:
sincere apologies for my omission.  :-[

Don't be daft  :kissy:


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