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Another Glass Lightshade ID...


I saw a cased glass lightshade in a shop the yesterday labelled as Alsterfors... the shape looked Scandinavian enough, and it was in a shade of grey that I've seen signed Po Strom vases in... I just wondered if it was vaguely likely to be a correct attribution?

I've seen the same shade in different colours attributed to Holmegaard on eBay recently, but its ground rim doesn't feel right to me (and let's face it, what cased glass isn't called Holmegaard on eBay?  :twisted: )

No photograph, sorry.  :(  But this is a recent eBay one: Here

The example you give merely suggests reminiscent of Bang for Holmegaard.... the irony being that Fog and Morup was an interesting and innovative lighting company in its own right. Given a potentially mis-leading attribution, or a Fog and Morup identified, I'd happily take the F&M.....


--- Quote from: "Le Casson" ---The example you give merely suggests reminiscent of Bang for Holmegaard....
--- End quote ---

Sorry, here's a better example of mis-attribution:


I'm only really familiar with F&M's metal lighting (my place is full of it, along with Louis Poulsen), so I'm not sure what their glass lighting was like.

I've only got one M. Bang pendant - a Kantate - which has a bottom rim that's folded in and a top rim that's polished rather than just ground.

Unless they meant J.E. Bang or A. Bang?

After a bit of rooting about (and Googling), it seems that most M. Bang pendants have the inwardly folded bottom rim. They're quite a nice design feature, because even a klutz like me would struggle to chip it when installing it...  :lol:


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