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TECHIE TIPS: Resizing images to fit the board; Paint Shop Pro & Image Optimiser


To resize in Paint Shop Pro, go to the Image menu > select Resize. In the new box which opens set the size to 800 pixels in either the height or the width (depending on whether your photo is tall or wide). PSP will auto-calculate the length of the other side for you. Click OK, then click Save As... under the File menu - in the box which opens choose a filename and where to save it but before you save, click the Options button bottom right of that box. Set the Compression Factor to 40% (either type 40 into the box or use the slider control), click OK and then Save. Your resulting file should be big enough to see but small enough to fit the board's limits.  8)

For more help with images, see our other Help topics here:,6522.0.html,36712.0.html,23763.0.html

In addition to the other options within our Help topics for resizing and compressing images, the following is a more recent facility (mentioned by Anne in a couple of past posts):

Image Optimiser
This is a free website service and acts as an immediate interface with your chosen images(s) through a standard file selection dialog. The result can be saved to your own file directory, again using a standard "Save file" dialog.

Anne has suggested input parameters for using that site of:
Quality ... Normal; Max Width ... 700; Max height ... 700

An example result, with a comparison to an image that I prepared on behalf of a new member, and using separate crop, resize and compression routines, can be seen in a thread in the Paperweights forum:,51305.msg291083.html#msg291083

The free tool Kev has linked to above is not always working (have we worn it out?  ;D), so I've been to search for an alternative for you, and found this one, which seems to be even easier to use!

The easiest way is to use the online resizer here:

Select the image you want to resize and upload it, and choose the settings needed...

Select New Maximum Image dimension
I suggest 760 Pixels for image up to 3Mb original size, and 600 Pixels for images larger than that initially.

Set resized image quality (jpg compression) to Good

Press Resize button and wait for the result (it can take several minutes depending on the size of the image and your internet speed.

Once it's resized you'll see a new page, where you can download the resized image, and you have the option to delete the original immediately from their server too. If you don't delete immediately it is auto-deleted after 2 hours.

Your resized image should be less than the 125kb the board needs if you follow the settings above. Then you can just attach pics to your posts onto GMB.

Please contact me if you get stuck and need help with resizing images.


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