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Brown Mdina glass goblet, is it Mdina? maybe by Michael Harris ?

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Hi all
ive had this goblet in my collection for quite a few years now, ive always believed it was a Mdina Goblet, and had a feeling it may have been made by Michael Harris. It hasnt shown up much in this pic but it has lots of Iridescent sheen on the outer
A chap i know through facebook saw a photo, said his friend wanted to buy it and offered a good sum which i accepted. He has know said he doesnt want it because its not Mdina.
Im still of the believe that it is a Mdina goblet. Pictured next to a standard blue goblet
Any thoughts people
many thanks

Looks right to me Michelle, in that colour and with the slightly squarer shape I would guess mid to late seventies.


I'll get a pic later, but can say that the shape of the bowl is the same as my MH signed one, and, while I think the base of mine is bigger, the knopped bit is different to both of these - it's high up like the browny one, but much bulgier.
I don't really think "standard" is a word which can be applied too well to a lot of early stuff!

It's Mdina, I'm sure, though I'd prefer to be able to see the iridesence and I can't make out the base too well in your pics.

Sue Im at work till midnight tonight, but when I get a chance tomorrow I will get some better pictures.
Thanks so much for having a look

Couple of pics:-
base (broken off pontil scar)


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