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Murano Seaforms
« on: December 02, 2005, 05:31:35 AM »
Had these posted in 'Labels' wrong place I think

1) Clam form of good quality with controlled bubbles and fantastic gold foil under the surface - label is for 'G Hardy & Co' Venetian glass, but what is this 'Lido' label

2) Another item that came with it, starfish in same colour with same bubbles and foil no label

This gave me an idea (OK it's pink but was done in red)

Just an Idea but the above two items with the seaform/bubbles and gilding seem very Barovier e Toso?


Feel free to comment on below

3) Small subtle sommerso dish with green label that is worn, I read it as 'Genuine Venetian Glass - Hand Made - Made In Murano - Italy' label

4) Tall yellow/green vase with opalescent stem - simple square gold label 'Made in Italy' label

Hope this helps people and I can get some confirmation

Adam P
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