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A question for svazzo.

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I was 'googling' for something that looked similar to an item I have just bought and voila a beautiful photo appeared. I clicked on the link and lo and behold it took me to your site via this link.

My question is, do you know who made these ashtrays/dishes?
I have one virtually identical (different shape) to the purple one.

Hello Della,
Those 2 I sold had no markings, but since then I have bought a few more and some had a mark underneath looking like a snowflake with 3 "s" going around the inside of the mark. I think they are by a company called Sasaki.

Thank you very much Javier :lol:

I can confirm those are Japanese by Sasaki glass.

Thanks Ivo,
It now has a tiny I.D. sticker and is with my other glass dishes.


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