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Author Topic: Large Murano Paperweight  (Read 1726 times)

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Re: Large Murano Paperweight
« Reply #10 on: July 04, 2010, 08:37:17 PM »
As for the weight I posted in Roy's thread, it may have Murano canes in it, but it is (imho) not a product of Murano, just a fake and a poor one at that.
It's ok to have an opinion that something may not be as advertised, but are there any specific reasons behind the opinion that it is "a fake and a poor one at that"?

Without any comments to back up such an opinion, and especially if it is felt that the canes (etc) may be genuine, we should always be careful of publicly stating that an item for sale is "a fake". Do you think that the weight was simply not made in Murano and therefore the addition of the label is the only misleading factor?

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Offline Lily of the Valley

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Re: Large Murano Paperweight
« Reply #11 on: July 06, 2010, 03:09:04 AM »
KevH, you are correct in pointing out one should be able to back up why one may feel something is not as it may be advertised.  The following are my reasons for my humble/honest opinion regarding the weight I attached to this thread:

1.  Untidy cane set up.  Murano weights generally have a neater set up with canes being more upright and better positioned.
2.  Base appears irregular and not the very flat/well-polished base I have come to associate with vintage Murano weights.
3.  Generic label applied to numerous "Murano" glass products of questionable origin.
4.  I had a weight very much like this and it was not Murano. (Nothing like being able to see it up close and personal! 8))

Please know that I am in no way saying the seller has purposely misrepresented the item.  All I have shared is that "in my humble/honest opinion", the advertised Vintage Murano Paperweight is of questionable origin.

If I have misspoken, please let me know as no disrespect was intended.  I am part of the GMB because of my love of glass--particularly paperweights :) and my great desire to learn more about my passion (or poison >:D).  When I first started here, I collected because I was drawn to them; I knew nothing!  The opportunities the GMB and the GF have given me to "talk with/listen to" people from all over the world who know so much about this beautiful world of glass has been an amazing journey.  Along the way, I think I have even made some friends.

Respectfully .... Lily   

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