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Brown Spatter Glass Bears - ID = Fifth Avenue Crystal, Made in China

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These bears have a nice shape. If it wasn't for the dark spatter on their backs, I would like them just fine. They are about 5" tall and have smoothly polished bases. The dark spatter in their backs and the dark amber make me think Chinese. But maybe Wedgwood?? Some of their animals have the dark spatter. There were rectangles of glue on bottom of them that made me imagine an importer label in my mind, with the words Made in China. (The rectangles were about 1.5" x 1".)

Do these bears go on the China shelf? That is the shelf of glass I plan to pack away and pass down to the younger generation. Maybe they'll be worth something in a couple of generations.  ;)

A few wedgewood animals to compare,all marked,I'd lean towards the east?

All but the red one which is a slightly different shape and smaller diameter base,it may be related to your bears,I only noticed when I put them together for the pic' :huh:

Have checked in the Wedgwood Glass book by Susan Tobin.

Wedgwood bears are either a standing polar bear or a distinct seated "Teddy Bear" shape . She also has a matrix of models/colours made, and neither the teddy bear nor the polar bear is recorded as having been made in speckled brown. There are oddities though - as I recently bought a pink breasted parrot which is not recorded as having been made either.But looking at the shape I would say not Wedgwood.

Thanks, Keith and Jak. We probably have some Wedgwood-style Oriental bears here. They are pretty well made compared to a lot of Chinese animals. I especially like the front feet. They look like they're holding up a wall. If they were heavier, they would be good bookends. I'll have to find something for them to hold up.


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