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Brown Spatter Glass Bears - ID = Fifth Avenue Crystal, Made in China

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Yeah, the Chinese are getting a lot better at a lot of things it seems.  I like your bears (even with the speckles) but there is something about them that remindes me a little of pandas  ;)


The thing I like about Chinese glass is that it gives me an excuse to keep it. The bears actually look brown under normal room light. I bounced the light off the white background so that the spatter would show well. I wish I could will the spatter away. I think they would look better without it. The amber is a nice shade.

BTW, Keith, thanks for showing the Wedgwood animals. I can see the spatter is a lot closer to the surface and the rest of the glass is totally different, too. I like your critters.

I located a bear like mine on eBay (item 270559480848). The label states Fifth Avenue Crystal, Made in China. So we have a positive ID for the bears. :thup:

I take it Fifth Avenue Crystal are the importer or retailer, Anita?


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