Author Topic: clichy whitefriars dartington hermes kosta toso barbini ferro IOW Baccarat ++  (Read 1136 times)

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"clichy whitefriars dartington hermes kosta toso barbini ferro IOW Baccarat ++"
Now that would be a heck of piece, but i just didnt have space for comma's
Ok to many names to get into the title but ive just listed a huge amount of stuff on ebay, i will pop a couple of links in, just click onto other items to see all pieces.
..clichy paperweight..2 dartington sharons with gertrude hermes work etched on them .. whitefriars mitre milefiori paperweight..Galliano Ferro uranium vase.. Fratelli Toso bird..malcolm sutcliffe charger..barbini sculptural dish...manduzzato sommerso lighter... verlys golf ball vase.. adrian sankey...cowdy...dansk.. Porschinger dish...IOW perfume bottle... Baccarat Depose Salts...stuart glasses... wedgwood glasses...kosta boda donkey..TIPPERARY CRYSTAL designed by LOUISE KENNEDY...swarovski... edinburgh crystal thistle decanter stopper
clichy paperweight
whitefriars items = sundae dishes, knobbly vase, millefiori paperweight
cheers all for taking a look


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