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Gresham's School Fair, Norfolk (10th/11th July)


I shall be standing the fair at Gresham's School this weekend (10th & 11th July), and the weather is supposed to be astonishingly warm. I'll be in the big marquee, avoiding the sunlight.   8)

If anyone's going to be in the area and wants me to bring along anything in particular, let me know - I'm packing my stock today and tomorrow.

For those who've not been before - it's a well-established fair with a nice mix of dealers. Outdoor dealers tend towards general fair fare, and indoor stalls carry more specialised mid- to high-end items items.

Fair details:

Shame I'm not visiting "mummy'.  :cry: I like Holt, although parking in the town is a B and last time we went I gave up. Hopefully the school has its own parking.

Yup, it has on-site parking. It's a well-attended fair, so it couldn't survive without it.

Holt's a terribly pretty place - I stood the fair there last year and thoroughly enjoyed a bit of a wander around.


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