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Does somebody recognise this makers label please?

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Mod: Important Note. As at 19 May 2020, a thread by Wayne advises that George Hardy was not the importer of various glass items as has been stated in threads within the GMB. The correct importer name is Hans Geismar.

Hi!  I have just bought 4 LOVELY blue tumbler glasses all for the princely sum of £2.99.  Each glass has a foil label on it which says Swedish Art Glass and has what looks like an H in an eye, and a goblet ontop of that with what look like rays of sunshine around it.

Sorry, hope the description was ok.  Does it ring any bells?  Image to follow.

Many Thanks for any help

Kind Regards

George Hardy - an importer rather than a manufacturer.


Mod: Dynamic link changed to absolute one. Dynamics change the image offered depending on the viewers sorting preference, absolutes always show the same image.


Thanx ever so for the information.  You guys know your stuff.  Were George Hardy an importer of all types of Swedish glass, would you be able to tell who the maker was if I added a photo?

Possibly, so please add a photo. Hardy imported glass from various places I think.


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