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Murano emulating Flygfors?


My Mum bought this years ago, and its new home is the lovely shed.  :wink:  I've always thought it quite pretty, being about 9" tall and opaque white and green cased in clear.

I think this colour combination is quite unusual in Murano, or am I wrong?

I feel 99% certain it's Italian, am I right in that at least?

Thank you.

I've got a feeling Max that it's Scandi, the darker green with the other colours just doesn't look Murano to me, but it's purely a colour thing.

David E:
I have a couple very similar to this and all feature the cloudy central core, but they've always given me the impression of being fairly new. They do look a little like Flygsfors although I couldn't say whether they were Italian, Murano or any other country to be honest.


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