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Scarce Brockwitz Centerpiece Bowl in Pink


I don't think these appear very often so thought I would mention that I have one for sale in a lovely salmon pink colour with thanks to Pamela's site for enabling me to identify it and this board for the additional information.

Would have loved it but unfortunately my bid did not get through as you would only post within U.K.  :hb2:

 :cry: :cry: :cry:

Odd as I sold it to somebody in Australia and had a bid before that from Germany. I have no exclusions whatsoever and have sold items all around the world.

Methinks you need to bang your head on somebody else's wall ;)

I did mistakenly only list only UK as destinations I would post to but did not have any locations blocked. I am sorry you were unable to bid though, if I ever find another one I will contact you first as your site has been very helpful to me.

That sniper wall is too strong, I'm afraid  :ooh:

Due to an error on my part re shipping costs to Australia the winner of this auction has decided he no longer wants to buy the piece. Actual postage to Australia would have been £61 so I don't blame him.

I have sent you an email Pamela.


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