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is this vase murano?

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i have a lovely glass vase which evokes an identification with murano but is this indeed correct? there are very small pinpoint indentations in the smooth surface suggestive of handling tools - or perhaps they are due to something else. any ideas on age. it stands about 11". nice thick walls.

Doesn't look Murano to me. The base looks unpolished, is that correct?  My first guess would be Chinese. Of course, I could be wrong, again.


the base is polished....i know the chinese are producing tons of "art glass" and this may well be an example but it is certainly not a chinese style...

Kinda looks  :or: to me too -- not that I really know much, but it just does not look as fine of work as Murano would be...


after considering the matter further, i think that chinese is probably correct. my understanding is that murano glass would not have those pinpoint indentations which i mentioned. also there are some bubbles. for some reason i still like it...

on the other hand, i have had some known authentic murano glass in the past and it was not all that impressive - nice - but not impressive. obviously i didn't own any high end murano glass.  :cry:


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