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is this vase murano?

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flying free:
Hi, I thought your vase may have been from here (see link) but I actually have one of these vases (my OH thinks it is hideous but to be honest, I rather like it ;D) and the base on mine is ground and polished clear.  It is a well made vase, but as I think Christine said, just very slightly 'off' somehow (OH would say totally off, he really hates it).  If I looked at it objectively, there are too many colours, too many patterns, the interior is red and is way to bright and the rim bit is too clunky.  Having said all that everyone who comes in comments on it (gushingly positively I mean ;D) so it definitely has something about it.
I have no idea where these vases on this link come from, or are made but even with the flat ground polished base I do have a few doubts that it is Italy.  However, I could be very wrong.  oh and ps. I LIKE your vase (not totally the shape but I love the colours and patterns).


oh mon dieu.....i didn't think my vase was that bad....but thanks for the's something to explore... :o

flying free:

--- Quote from: tonyatl on July 18, 2010, 08:28:40 PM ---oh mon dieu.....i didn't think my vase was that bad....but thanks for the's something to explore... :o

--- End quote ---

  :o   I don't think your vase is that bad, and neither do I think the vases in the link are that bad either. I wasn't casting aspersions on your vase  :-[ and my apologies if you thought I may have been.


no apologies are needed - my comments were tongue in one should ever feel inhibited in expressing honest thoughts about the aesthetics of glass...we all have our own tastes....


This is definitely Chinese as the techniques used in its construction are not anything that the Muranese Glass makers have used in the past, nor have they used since.  The base is also unpolished which is another sign.  You can see by the glass itself that it is a mishmash of colours just swirling together, there is no definitive structure.  No Murano Glass other than a rarely produced style know as Agate glass (which this isnt) looks like this.  The way the Chinese do this is to place a bud of glass in many different coloured oxides at once so when it is blown, you get this plethera of colours with no discernable difference or separation lines.



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