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is this vase murano?

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Tony, I located a very similar vase at Yours is made in China. The Chinese refer to these vases as Murano because of their style. They are not bad vases at all and are very good if you need a splash of color in a corner of your room. Glass from China has been improving in quality. It is much different than the dreadful glass we used to see 10 years ago. Perhaps one day they will recapture their artful history and make better glass than anyone else. They used to make the exceptional glass and ceramics. (Now they just try to feed a billion people the best way they can.) is a good site for finding much of the Chinese glass that was made this year. It is my first stop when I'm trying to figure out if something is Chinese. The numbers of responses to an inquiry can be overwhelming, but the information is still very helpful. Your vase appears to be made at the same place in China as the one in the link. You can see the sources in the right-hand column. The large name is the export company handling the vase.


This is definitely not Murano as they NEVER saw off the base of a piece. The pontil is always polished to perfection



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