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is this vase murano?

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--- Quote from: tonyatl on July 18, 2010, 05:40:52 AM ---after considering the matter further, i think that chinese is probably correct. my understanding is that murano glass would not have those pinpoint indentations which i mentioned. also there are some bubbles. for some reason i still like it...

on the other hand, i have had some known authentic murano glass in the past and it was not all that impressive - nice - but not impressive. obviously i didn't own any high end murano glass.  :cry:

--- End quote ---

That is OK -- I have some  :or: ones that I just like too.  Pretty sure this is  :or: :or: (I think) See below:

I agree with chinese. Still a nice piece though. I think everyone here has some chinese pieces among our finer stuff. Nothing wrong with that!

i agree that antiquerose's vase is definitely chinese.....

and it is no loss for me on my was one of those strange compelling pieces i found in a cheap antique mall....

for those of you owning confirmed chinese vases, is the weight of the chinese glass materially differnt than for murano? the murano i have owned typically has considerable heft. i am wondering if the chinese vases have the same vase has a good deal of weight to it for its size.

No...they can be the same...

Handmade glass is handmade glass where ever it is from. Bubbles and small marks are very difficult to avoid, especially when lots of colour and techniques have been used, and are not necessarily an indicator of origin. Murano glass can range from extremely good quality down to downright dodgy, so can Chinese glass.

I would say your vase is Chinese. The base is finely ground but not polished (shiny), the pattern seems to be trying to be about dozen different things at once and it has what looks like oversized stretched millefiore. It seems to me that Chinese glass is often brasher, more patterned, less careful, slightly off proportion wise, imitative rather than original and larger so that something seems adrift when you look at. For me, your vase ticks most of those boxes.


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