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Uranium + etched spider?

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Now, you KNOW I'm no good with paperweights, so if this is commonplace junk I apologise in advance!

This item is about 3" wide, with several concave cut (or moulded?) windows.  There is a layer of UV reactive glass all around the exterior, which makes it appear to have a yellow colour throughout.

On the base, there's a larger concave circle with a spider + web hand etched into it.  There's no signature, but there is some sign of wear to the base.

I've only got one paperweight book, and it wasn't there, or on the internet...I fear this means I've bought junk, but it was only a couple of quid, and I do rather like it.   :lol:

Oh, I saw that one and was tempted, Max!  Well done!  :lol:

I'd love to see it under UV!   :shock:

It looks to me like some of the intaglio work you see on pressed uranium glass ashtrays & dishes.  See Pamela's website under 'Uranium Glass'.


--- Quote from: "Leni" ---Oh, I saw that one and was tempted, Max!  Well done!  :lol:

--- End quote ---

Saw that one?  I bought this in a charity shop in Rochester today!!   :?:

This does not bode well!

Ooops! I saw one just like this on ebay the other day!  :shock:   :oops:  

I assumed you'd seen it too and snapped it up!   :roll:

i think most likely it was made by Webb

Leni i saw it on ebay as well


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