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amber with a thick clear overlay small bowl / vase ID = Kamei, Japan


I have had this Sommerso style vase for some years and originally assumed it was a nice bit of Murano.  As you can see from the second photo the base is not typical Murano rather like Whitefriars (but it does not appear in any catalog I can find).  The Glass is amber with a thick clear overlay that obviously has been blown into a mould of some sort.  Can anyone give me a better attribution please.


It isn't Whitefriars I'm afraid, and it isn't sommerso either unless your photographs aren't showing it.  It looks like it might be cased perhaps?  It's quite an attractive looking lump of glass though.   :) :)

If you look long enough in the right place the answer comes to you  :chky: !!!!!

It is Kamei glass from Japan.  Funny thing not so long ago I came across another in a different colour from either of these and the owner had no idea either.



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