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Blue Henry - Ivo Haanstra


David E:
David P. Encill

Blue Henry: The Almost Forgotten History of the Blue Glass Sputum Flask

Publisher: Cortex Design
Published date: December 2010
ISBN-13: 978-0-9549196-8-9

Book Mechanics

▶ 210×210mm medium format
▶ 76–80 pages in length (projected)
▶ Heavily illustrated: over 120 images and photos; at least one image per spread

* Photos of original flasks
* Vintage photos
* Illustrations of original patents
* Posters, stamps and other ephemera▶ Quality silk-art paper
▶ Binding: either perfect bound, or case-bound
▶ Silk laminated cover
▶ Price: projected to be between £12–15 (equivalent €14–18, or US$18–22)

More information from: and

As Ivo states:

--- Quote ---What should have been a simple article for a glass magazine quickly turned into a fascinating account with unexpected angles, curious facts, strange pictures and jaw-dropping accounts.

The blue sputum flask is the symbol of an era where consumptives were no longer lamentable moribunds – but patients who could be cured. The story is filled with hope, despair, cynicism, acceptance, medical progress and misunderstanding – all leading to a temporary end to the pandemic in the 1950s. Tuberculosis as a direct threat has disappeared from our collective memories – and so it can take us unawares all over again: new strains have emerged and pose an unprecedented challenge. This book will make you aware of a history you never knew – because it was never written.

Buy the book, read it, take plenty of rest and fresh air. It will do you good.
--- End quote ---

From David Encill, publisher:

--- Quote ---How can a book be justified about such an odd subject matter? And one with such a potentially small readership? It was precisely because of the weird and strange nature of the sputum flask that attracted me to the possibility of publishing Blue Henry in the first place. While Ivo and I discussed the book, we both realised it had considerably more potential that we either envisaged: not only does it appeal to glass and medical artifact collectors, but the book would prove highly attractive to medical researchers and museums. Add to this the potential interest from medical research companies, pharmaceutical developers, chemical companies and charitable organisations.

Like most people I was totally unaware of such an item, and Ivo's in-depth history of the flask, tuberculosis and methods to eradicate it, all combined to create a fascinating and engrossing book. Ivo's engaging writing style, with touches of pathos and humour, all make this highly readable.

And if you think that Tuberculosis is a disease of the past, then think again! It is just as prevalent as it always has been and is still a worldwide (and wide-spread) threat. Latest strains are also shown to be deadly – there is no known cure at present and is why pharmaceutical companies should be encouraged to continue research into eradicating Tuberculosis.

As with previous titles, I have called on the services of Christine Hudson to edit the text. Previous readers will know this is a good move...
--- End quote ---

David E:

We have decided to alter the overall size of the book to give a greater surface area and provide more flexibility with regard to the layout:

* 260x195mm (approaching a large format)
* Projected pages and the price remain unaltered
* Free postage within the UKAnother point worth mentioning, which I tend to take for granted, is that the entire book is full-colour throughout.

David E:
As mentioned on the Blue Henry web site, Ivo Haanstra will be signing copies at the National Glass Fair on 14th November.

We are also very pleased to announce that a 2-page foreword has been written by Dr Mario Raviglione, Director of the Stop TB Department, which operates within the remit of the World Health Organisation. Mario's insight into the disease and its current threat has proved invaluable and helps reinforce Ivo's text.

The final specification of the book is:

Size: 260x190mm
Pages: 85pp
Price £16 (equivalent €20 or US$25)
Free postage within the UK, subsidised to Europe.

Oxbridge Fairs:

We're pleased that this was a successful event with a good number of visitors and some good sales - and buys!

The image shows (from right to left): Ivo Haanstra, author of 'Blue Henry', the book launched at the fair, alongside Charles Hajdamach, Patricia Coccoris and David Encill of Cortex Design, who published the book.



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