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Author Topic: Amber Mold-Blown Filigree Covered Bottle with Double headed Eagle motif  (Read 136 times)

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Offline Greg.

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I'm posting this for a friend and wondered if anyone could shed any further thoughts, as to age, country and intend use. Please excuse the photo quality. :)

The bottle is mold-blown and measures 24cms tall and is covered in metal filigree work with a central double headed eagle motif.

I suspect, Germany is a likely contender given the symbolism, however, I understand that this motif, was also fairly widely used and could also point in other directions such as Russia, Turkey, North Africa and also further afield.

Although, the item has some age, at present I would guess it could date possibly any time between the 20s-50s..?

All thoughts welcome.


Offline Ivo

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It looks to me as if the metalwork is of rather shoddy quality so I would exclude Germany from the list. It looks more like ornamental glass from India or Morocco.
The two headed (Habsburg) eagle is widely used out of context, so I would not consider that a serious pointer.

Offline Greg.

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Thanks Ivo, I was hoping you would take a look.  :) The quality of the metalwork is certainly not as high as I had hoped before seeing the item. Thanks for your thoughts they are appreciated, I'll pass them on.  :)


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