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Author Topic: Are the fishscale cameo vases marked as GLF (George L. Fereday) by Webb?  (Read 5348 times)

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Hard to say, but this c1900 Bruder Rachmann scent spray might be a similar type of decoration although the catalogue does not describe the decoration but it falls between complex and simple cut pieces pricewise. Image copyright and courtesy glasscatalogue.com
Frank A.
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Re: Are the fishscale cameo vases marked as GLF (George L. Fereday) by Webb?
« Reply #51 on: August 13, 2015, 04:25:41 PM »
Just adding this for future reference.
I think it is established (thanks Christine)on another thread that this vase/bowl (listed as possibly Stevens and Williams)
(satin brown shaded with a gilded padded enamel pattern of branches flowers and small buds on the branches 7Mar2015 Fieldings auction lot 450)
is actually a Thomas Webb brown shaded vase (bowl).

I also believe that these vases are decorated with the same pattern as the brown shaded and I think have been done by the same enameller/gilder
so I agree with the auctioneer's id of Thomas Webb for that pair.

The pair of vases have a gilded zigzag collar that appears to be very similar to the collar seen on this fishscale vase (it is fishscale but is difficult to tell as it's all white.
so if the pair of vases are Thomas Webb, it is possible that the fishscale vases might also be Thomas Webb based on the collar decoration. Clearly, it still needs to be checked to see if other makers (Harrach perhaps?) also used that decorative device on the collar of their vases.
I'll add info if I find any more.


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