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German Chance-lookalike (split from Is this Chance by chance?)



--- Quote from: liberty1 on December 05, 2005, 07:31:47 PM ---I have a German dish which is almost same as Chance but with a German label.................hmmmm does that make sense?

--- End quote ---

Doris, could you please post a picture of your German-like-Chance dish? This may help with some queries about lookalikes. Thanks :)

ok Here it is Anne the label is gold on yellow and has CD at side Decorglas Made in Western Germany so that dates it a bit. It has a gold rim and Decorated table glass( in 4 languages) around edge of box.


The only company beginning with C in my 1960s German glass catalogue is Charlottenhutte. No mention of decorglas though.

From the style of the label I would guess it's later than my cataologue.

Brilliant! Thanks Doris, that's very helpful. I have some plates which I bought as Chance with similar decorations so they could also be German. Further digging needed for sure. ;)

I think not all licensees from Bentglass are listed under glass makers, as technically speaking they are glass refineries printing on slumped float. Nearly all larger countries had a licensee, some were glass industries, others were not - Chance for instance was a glass maker in his own right, Flamingo  in Holland only operated the bentglass machines.  
I don't think either Charlottenhütte or Christinenhütte would be flattered to be associated with this process.


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