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Brockwitz Set 5200.

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Hello I am hoping to be able to locate the maker of these candlesticks please.  They come as part of a trinket set of which I have a tray, a lidded dish and unlidded dish (something is missing as there is space on the tray).  They were bought in France but from an English family who told me she knew they were from the 1930s.  The candlesticks were the pieces that caught my eye with their funny flatish shape.
Many thanks

They're more likely Czech or German than English I think. Can we see the other bits please. You're missing a lid, possibly another pot, possibly a ring tree and possibly a pin tray. Sets were quite variable and were not necessarily designed to all fit on the tray. The tray was so you didn't spill cosmetics on the French polish of your dressing table. The candlesticks were never meant to fit on the tray. The idea was to supply light from the side to supplement that reflected from the mirror you were using.

Here is the trinket set.
Many thanks for your help

Hi Margi, 

The set looks to me to be Brockwitz 5200 from the 1936 Catalogue, very nice!

Oh aren't they nice? I've no examples of this set on the GTS website - Margi, would you be able to do some pics for it please? Each item against a plain dark background and one of all the pieces together would be perfect, if you can manage it. :)


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