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Brockwitz Set 5200.

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Hello Sorry Anne
I am in the middle of moving house and cannot seem to locate it.  It is a possibility I gave it to my friend a while back.  He is in hospital at the mo so when he is out I shall ask if he still has it.

Thanks Margi, no rush. :) Hope your friend is soon on the mend.

A standalone photo of the tray from the clear pressed glass 5200 trinket set by Brockwitz of Germany. The tray is piece no. 5230. Measures 30cm x 19cm.

(Permission for this image granted by browrock5809).

Does anyone have photos of other pieces to share, please?

Some pictures of the pomade box in green, and it glows beautifully!

Measures  8 x 8 x 6.5 cms.

Hope they are of use to fill a gap and you have my permission to use them if they are.

Question.  Do I need to give permission for you to use pictures that I post?  If so can I give you permission NOW that you can use ANY and ALL pictures of mine that I post in the future if they are of use to you?

Nice pomade box!

GTS Set Link:


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