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Hi all! About a year ago I bought a sommerso vase with a faded red and gold sticker that read ' Grand Prize Winner Brussels World Fair 1958'
Now...I am still a novice at glass but I see many Murano vases from that period that would run rings around the amber one I have! The shape is lovely, a kind of twisted top but...... it is amber and I guess the shape is not all that special.
I have a digital camera now so must organise how to download photos. :) Anyway, my question is... do any of you know of fake World Fair labels or can you suggest a site where I can go check about winning glass from that particular fair??
Thanks in anticipation :)


The thing to remember Lyn is that this particular fair covered a whole spectrum including many ordinary household furnishings, often quite utilitarian in nature as well as the more flambuoyany special exhibition pieces and all pieces shown qualified to carry the fairs label. I've had some quite ordinary pieces, albeit from good producers that carry the labels, but have not yet come across fake labels as I honestly don't think it worth faking unless to "age" a modern piece.

Thanks Paul...that pretty much explains it. I guess the word ' winner' had me up, but then as you say, any pieces shown at that Fair were good anyways.  :)  I do feel some relief at not paying 100's of $ for the vase, and I do like it. is amber!!  lol
Thanks for your help


Laura Friedman:
For what it's worth, I've had a few pieces with that worlds fair sticker that also bore Archimede Seguso labels. Is the vase a sommerso?


Hi Laura. :)  Yes, it is sommerso, and quite tall also, at least 30 cms.


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