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Czech Yellow Tango Vase...


I will be listing this piece for sale soon and thought I should add it here. However! Need help on this with the listing.

I am constantly seeing these listed for sale as is one example that recently sold on ebay...


I am thinking I should just list it as Czech (made by one of several companies). Is there a way of telling if it is Loetz or not (besides have the signature)?
I have checked the Loetz sites but to be honest, this isn't helping me  :huh: as per the top paragraph here...

Here is some pics...any help would be appreciated... ;D

Although common in design, Your piece is not a piece by Loetz. Neither was the example you posted from ebay....

The best you can do to be accurate with this piece is to classify it as Tango like by an undetermined company, but definitely not Loetz.


Yes, I will be leaving it as a generic listing. Shame these are still unattributable :(


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