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I am new to the Glass Message Board but is there someone out there who could advise me the best way of selling a number of pieces by Istvan Komaromy?

I approached Bonhams in London and they advised that they had had little success in the past and recommended that I go to Pandolfini's in Italy. This gives me a problem with transporting such beautiful and delicate objects so any help would be much appreciated. I have two nude ladies - one on a globe stand and the other on a tripod stand, a prancing horse, a stag and doe pair and a young deer pair.

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the board. I've moved your topic to Market Place as it relates to sales rather than being an identification question.

It may be useful if you can add your approx location (country/county) to your Profile as well please. There are a few people on the board who may be interested depending on where you are.

I bet Fieldings Auctionhouse would be interested they are quite big in glass now .

I've sold Komaromy deer on ebay in the past with surprisingly good results, might be worth a try - as with every listing good photos are a must.


I am also new to the message board and have just seen your message about Komaromy. 

My father has been a collector of his work for a long time now and would be very interested in these items.  He would be more than delighted to give you advice and valuation on these pieces, especially as you are in Surrey.


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