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Japanese Art Glass Vase...


Thought I would throw this one up before it goes the way of the auction block. Japanese art glass vase. Mould blown vase with a Whitefriars texture in a typical Scandi looking design. Am still waiting for a labelled piece to appear as I keep seeing these listed as Riihimaki and now Whitefriars  ::) Colours these have been seen in are Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Amber. Stands a little over 17cm high and a little over 6cm in diameter. Also comes in another size of just over 15cm. Weight is 265 grams. Commonly listed as candle holders as well...

Edited - From the mid 1970's  ;D

Anne E.B.:
Old Colony, Japan -,22469.msg126913.html  ;D

;D thanks Anne...I still want a labelled one though! So many get listed on but never with a label... >:(


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