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Italian Cased Glass Lamp w/ Export Label...


I've had a couple of these lamps in various colours pass through my hands before, but never with anything that could potentially identify them.

I know it's a long shot, but does the generic-looking label ring any bells with anyone?


Oh, I'd forgotten about this thread. I sold this lamp around 2 months ago.  :oops:

But these lamps crop up all the time on eBay (usually as being made by Holmegaard  :roll: ), so it's still relevant.  :D

Their price is increasing, too - I sold one of these in a mustard colour last year for £30-something, and this orange one sold for £50, and another orange one (not one of mine, unfortunately) sold a couple of weeks back for £80!  :shock:  Do these buyers know something I don't? I remember when they were regularly ending at £5 a piece.


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