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Smoke-coloured decanter for id please - possibly Afors?

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Bernard C:

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Any ideas?

Bernard C.  8)

That decanter is down as 'unidentified as yet' in a catalogue from Andy McConnell from one of his talks.  :)

They're very common in the UK (one of my local charity shops has no less than two on their shelves), and are often mis-sold as Whitefriars 'Twilight' - but I seem to recall someone on here suggesting the possibility that they're Swedish, although I forget which factory.

Edit: Here we go -,22191.msg126045.html#msg126045 (the Afors/Gordon suggestion might be a little wishful thinking, given their charity shop / eBay frequency - but at least UK manufacture can be discounted).

Bernard C:
Max & Nic — Thanks for your speedy replies.   Like Andy By the Thames in the linked topic, I was sure that it was British when I bought it.

Mods:- please would you move this to the Scandinavian forum with a revised title:

Smoke-coloured decanter for id please, possibly Afors?
Hopefully that will sort out Graham Cooley's Afors suggestion one way or the other.

Bernard C.  8)

The strange thing is that in the Harrow Museum in the WF/s cabinet there is a similar one but it has a handle coming from just under the lip to the top of the body other than that i believe the shape is the same . :huh:


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