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Hi all

I bought some beautiful Murrine pendants from ‘Antica Murrina Venezia’ while in Milan recently

They have a shop selling fantastic coral jewellery and glass that ranges from 40 euro to 1500 euro (large sculptures). Some may know the shop ‘Vigano, Galleria Vitt. Emanuele’ I was given 20% off for paying cash (strange?)

In total the Murrines (large size) with silver chains came to 30 euros, I think they are just as beautiful as those made by Ercole Moretti, in fact a shop a few metres away was selling Moretti Murrines at nearly the same cost. I know Moretti are made in Murano. I am sure Antica are made in Venice, prices are quite high but are they viewed as a lesser company because of not being based in Murano?

Are they a good investment? I like their paperweights and bought one

These are two of the Murrines I bought



Adam P

Laura Friedman:
Hi Adam,

It's really hard to tell much from the photos. I sugest you send me some of the jewelry. I'll be happy to give you my opinions on it.   :twisted:

I get the impression that they are a design / brand / retail company rather than a maker. That could explain why Venice rather than Murano.

The jewelry looks great and seems cheap to me !
Did you miss out a zero ?

The paperweight would be better posted on the Paperweight board.

That is true Peter, it should be.

I started talking about the Murrines and end up posting a paperweight LOL

I agree I think the label is a company and the items are being made in Venice or even Milan, I have a card so may email them. It’s quality stuff, well the vases in the shop were same quality as Nason and Moretti, coral beads were around 800 Euros – I think with vases, jewellery, paperweights, etc. it is a as you say Peter a company, the silver is stamped AMV

I will replace with pictures of the jewellery I bought and put paperweight in right forum, mind you they do tend to languish there without any attention (sniff), Italian paperweights that is. I have a group posted at the moment including a Ferro & Lazzarini, Venini, etc.

I am cool with the labelled ones but I have four others that I think are 3fiori, A.V.E.M.

I don't know, Italian paperweights are a new area to me, I have just ordered some good books on Italian glass that have sections on weights, nothing really comprehensive.

Thanks Adam

Forget speculation about subcontractors. AMV (brand name of Vittorio Voltolina in Martellago, 6 kms inland from Venice) have been producing glass since the 60s but it was not until the 90s they specialised in Murrinas. And yes, they have become the largest Murrina producer in the world - quite a succesful operation.


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