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My first paperweights.

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Be gentle with me please :!:

An egg. I have seen this on the web somewhere, but can't find it again.

This one screams Mdina, but not signed.

Haven't got a clue, but I can guess.

This one is huge! Nearly 5" in height.

Thanks everyone.

First one I think is Chinese, usually marketed in this country as 'Royal Crest'.  These are quite cleverly done, with interesting internal bubble effects, although the quality control may leave something to be desired - you have to look around for ones which you think are a good shape, with few 'extra' bubbles  :roll:

Second - don't know  :?  You could be right!  Not my area  :shock:

Third - could be Chinese again, or it could be Bohemian, or maybe even Indian, from Firozabad.  This site is interesting  if you have time to wait for all the images to download !   :shock:  :D

Fourth one - very nice!  :D  Not sure who made it; could be one of several makers; but I like it.  A picture of the base might help.

Hi Leni,
Thanks for your opinon and the link.
I must say I love the last one too.
Here is a photo of the base as requested.

That base looks like it could be Chinese, too.  

But - contrary to some opinions voiced on this board    :twisted:  :wink: - the Chinese aren't the only ones finishing paperweights in this way!   :lol:

Who else is finishing paperweights in this way, Leni?


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