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Bull's Head mark - ID = Made in Taiwan

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Hello, I am new to this board and I hope I am in the right forum :roll:
I am wondering if anyone can help me identify a mark on the bottom of a piece of glass that I have.
its a bulls head or atleast it looks like a bulls head.
any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you

Hi Vintiques

I have a vase with the bull head on it that is in the bottom of the glass and was told that it was English. The vase is with Mary Gregory print on the front and has a shape that is cubist. I'm not sure of the maker but maybe one of the Engish members will know.

I have had mine for about 20 years and the guy that sold me mine said that it was important which way the horns on the bull was facing ( in or out). One way was one maker from a great artist and the other way was just a common maker.  I was young then and didn't care what he was trying to say so I didn't pay much attention to his comments. :oops:

If you need a photo I will post one!



something like this?

loved to know the maker of it  :roll:

I have a pink perfume bottle with the same trademark. I believe it is contemporary and either Spanish or Portuguese. I'll try and recall where I got the information from (some time ago).


I saw a frosted (i think) clear perfume bottle with that mark in a charity shop but I just left it because it looked new. They must be quite common, probably.


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