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Bull's Head mark - ID = Made in Taiwan

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Super thanks, and do shout if you need a hand uploading pics to the board. :thup:

Found another of these today with the Bull base mark, a pretty little blue vase. Satin/opaque glass and clear mixed, quite deco inspired (aka - French style). I do not suppose anyone has found anything further about their maker?

Nope but there are a couple more bits on eBay currently - adding links as they show the styles and the logo on the base:

I used to have a frosted pink perfume bottle set with the same logo as those on eBay and like Pamela's years ago, mine was a freebie from French cosmetics firm Yves Rocher, so I always assumed it was cheap and cheerful Chinese-or-similar made. It was like this:

Thanks for the reply Anne. I guess I will email Yves Rocher themselves and see if they know anything, worth a shot.

EDIT - Just emailed them  ;D

Fingers crossed you get a reply, William. I tried some time ago and didn't hear anything back, but it depends who is there to reply when we ask I guess?! :) 

One other thing I did find was that around the 1980s a French fashioner designer called Christian Lacroix designed a Taurus head pin brooch which looks awfully like the mark on the base of the glass... it's probably a red herring but may be worth a follow up, just in case there's a design connection? Here's one of the pins on sale:
The current CL website has no similar logo or mention of glass, but I know CL has done a lot of other design work apart from fashion.


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